Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy days

Life has a way of being very busy sometimes.  Our kids threw us a 25th Anniversary party on the 19th and it was wonderful.  We had such a nice time.  It was an open house type so the people could come and go at different times.  It was perfect for us.  Rob surprised me with a beautiful necklace with a cross and a heart on it.  We had such a good time.

On Monday, I rode home with our youngest son and family and spent the next 9 days with them.  I had a wonderful time and came home yesterday evening. They were moving so I had lots of gma time with the little one. He's 18 months old and is such a character.  I rested whenever I needed to and they are such easy people to be around that it made it more like a vacation for me than "work".  I did no cooking.  (That always wears me out).  They have moved to a home on a bluff overlooking the mountains and it is so peaceful there.  The views are tremendous and the quiet is amazing.  I spent several hours watching the deer and other wild life outside the windows.  The area is rocky and very dry.  It was so peaceful there.  I hated to leave. 

I'm very tired, but its a good tired.  I paced myself carefully.  I eased into whatever we were doing and often stayed at home when they were out and about.  It was one of those "it is worth it" times in life.  If I crash, it was well worth it.  I seldom get these opportunities in life and decided to take advantage of it.

I am going to have my blood coagulation defect tests done next Tues.  I am ready to know if that is part of my problem or not.

I've missed you all and I'm glad to be back.  The break was good for me though.  And they had cable so I got to watch HGTV too:) 

Poor Rob is exhausted and has slept most of the day today.  I don't think he slept well while I was gone. 

God bless you and hold you close.



  1. Elaine, I'm glad you've been having such good days! I'd actually been a little concerned about you lately. :) Congratulations to you and Rob on your 25th anniversary! My parents had an open house party like that for their 50th, and loved the way it gave them a chance to talk with everyone in a relaxed way.

    children sound very thoughtful, and your trip to stay with your youngest son's family really sounds wonderful. Just to be surrounded in their love like that, and to be useful, and to be able to watch nature unfold in a quiet place--priceless!

    Will be thinking about you and your medical test--hope Rob recovers from your visit soon! :) Welcome back.

  2. Oh, how fun! Celebrating your anniversary and getting to spend quality time with your grandbaby and family with a perfect view of nature to top it all off! WOW! Glad to have you back, Elaine. Giving thanks for your great times...nothing like them to boost our spirits.

  3. Stacy, thank you. We do have wonderful kids:) And I appreciate your concern for me. I was too involved to post... it felt good to have some interaction with others. Rob's bi-polar is hard to deal with at times.... he's sleeping again today.

    Hope you are doing well also!

  4. Renee,
    It is such a blessings to have some good days. And several in a row too:) I know that it wont last, but I take it when I can get it. I wish you many good days ahead too. On my good ones, I want to share it with all of you!! My pain is increasing today, but am hoping it will not get so bad as it was...

    Have a great day!