Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'd forgottent to post about the growth.... I had a growth in my bladder which was causing some other problems... doc trimmed it out (amazing to watch)!  Sent it off and it was benign!!!!  Sorry for the confusion... seems to be helping the other problems too now that its gone:)


Good news----Life

Good morning to you.  Hope and pray you are having a wonderful day today.

I got my biopsy back and its benign!!!!  Praising God for that!  Doc says that if I have no more symptoms I don't need to see him for a year:):):)  Glad to have that out of the way and not worry about it any more!!

My knee is still giving me trouble but am continuing to work with PT and do my best to follow the instructions.  I get soooooo tired tho.... It's about all I can do to move about some days let alone ride the recumbent bike.....

The state has begun the work on the new bridge.  I will try to post some pix here to show you what it looked like before and after the work so far.  The phone company has moved some of the lines and the noise from the tree removal service nearly drove me crazy.  They were literally less than 20 feet from the front of our house.  The road will be about 8 feet closer to us than it is now.  Within the legal limits, but certainly not within the "moral" limits.  The State actually had to get a waver from the County to do this work so close to our house.  No one asked me what I thought about it:( 


We may have to leave once the real work starts.  They will be working long days and there will be much noise and dirt, etc..... We still have our travel trailer (we've been unable to sell it with the economy down) so we might just have to "take a trip". We can park at our kids' and we may just do that:)  We are planning to move as the house will be so close to the road and the tree barrier is gone.  I feel like an animal in a cage.....

You can see the before pix with the mobile home and the after.  They actually took a few more trees and shrubs than in that pix.  And yes, the mobile home needs a paint job:) 

The big house is the house I grew up in.  My parents had a dairy farm and this is the farm house.  The trees offered shade and protection from the roadway and noise.... All gone now.  The pix are reversed as that is the order they were taken in and I can't figure out how to undo it.

The plan is to raise the roadway about 4-5 feet in front of the mobile (my house) and so the road will be level with us:(  Already the noise and dirt is much worse than before and its still raining.  I can't imagine what summer will bring.

Prayers would be appreciated as we have no idea what we will do.  The family trust owns the land and it is to be sold, so we will have to move.  As I said before, I have no desire to live on the roadway.  It was bad enough before.

So, I'm trying to stay positive.  I'm trying to trust God.  I'm trying to sort and pack.... I'm trying! 

God Bless You All!

I so appreciate having found you!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving along

Hello everyone.  Hope this day finds you happy and as well as you can be.

I'm finally coming out of a bad flare up and a huge set back with my new knee.  I was doing wonderfully until early Feb. and then my knee went nuts.  Severe pain, swelling,no relief to be had.... all the tests look ok..... the Dr. has been wonderful and has seen me thru all this as well as my PT gal.  She has helped me greatly.  I had to stop PT for several weeks to let the pain and swelling ease up and it finally is!  Praise God!  We have a recumbent bike we are borrowing from my brother and it is helping a lot.  Very little pain with it. And with little resistance, not hard on the rest of my either:)

I've spent the past many weeks doing a lot of TV watching and reading as I can.  We watch lots of old reruns and some of the new shows too.  I like the original NCIS, Unforgettable, The Mentalist, and Harry's Law.  We just rented the newest (to us at least) Jessie Stone movie, "Lost Innocence" and enjoyed it too. We really like those movies.  We watch Blue Bloods too.... We don't have satellite TV so just watch what is on the regular channels.

I've recently found a new to me author also.  Nancy Rue.  She has a series out called, "the Reluctant Prophet".  I love how the books make me think and realize how we can live out our callings.....

And I always love the Jane Kirkpatrick books.  Very good stories filled with history, reality, and God's love.

I'm undergoing some additional medical testing (nothing to do with my knee) and hope to have some answers by the end of this month.  Prayers would be appreciated.

I have tried to keep up with as many of you as I could, but know that I've missed some wonderful posts....

Bless you all for being such a great source of support.

Still finding hope in the midst of it all,