Monday, June 27, 2011

Whew, what a week

What a week.  It really started the week before the "week" with house cleaning and organizing.  Company was coming and there was much to be done.  Rob and I cleaned, rested, cleaned, rested... and it looked so much better. 

The dates were on the calendar and the plans were made.  The meetings and events were set.  All was in order.  Right?

The days began to run together.  The visitors arrived and such joy as always to see them all.  The visiting began.  And then the uninvited visitors came.  With a stench.  A large skunk was hit on the road in front of our house and filled our home with a horrible aroma of skunk.  The night before the big meeting and the rest of the visitors to arrive.  The dogs and I had tears running down our eyes and our noses were pouring.  It was late and there was no where to go.  It was horrible!  Sleep was little and the next day was the big day. 

The meeting was set for 10 AM and we held it outside in the driveway so all could see how the road affects our home.  Of course the skunk just added some additional flavor to the day.  Finally after about 2 hours, Rob couldn't stand it any more and buried it.  It helped slightly.  That was a Wed. 

The meeting was with ODOT and family to discuss the "bridge" project that is taking our yards and exposing us to the highway in a whole new way.  Three hours and we came away with no real answers... erggggg...

That night our company was coming into the house from their trailer and saw skunks..... right at the house.  Hmmm.  Thurs AM there was another one dead on the road.  A little one... Wonder if there are more?  Yes indeed, Thurs night when another "daughter" came, she saw three more at the steps into our house... Oh dear.  Fri the little ones were trying to find their mom we decided.  Rob got one and then there were 3.  Fri night we went to the retirement celebration and when we got home they were all at the door again... one more gone.  Now there are 2.

Sightings of them continue and the smell is all around us.  I'm getting pushed to my limit and then some.  Sunday after church and visitors left for home, our big dog Fergus catches one.  Literally.  Oh my....he races into the house (not to be stopped by the likes of me) and STUNK!  He had been sprayed and he was trying to rub it off all over the house.  Finally drug him out with Rob's help and call our friend the VET tech.  She raced over with some great stuff that kills the odor.  It really did help.  Our little dog was hiding and his eyes were just pouring...  He didn't get sprayed, but it was overwhelming.  I'd had it by then.  I was in tears.  No where to rest, the house stunk and the dog needed care.  Maybe that was the last one????  Nope, an hour later there was another in the front yard.  Rob took care of it and more stench.  That made 4.  All that we had seen.  No one slept well again....

Monday afternoon my son in law calls and says there is one down by their house.  Another one??????????  My goodness this mom had a huge litter.  And they were so cute... but so stinky.  So I took care of that one.  Broke my heart, but it would never have survived the coyotes.  Yes, we have them too.  That made 5.  Praying that was all. 

Birthday suppers, recitals, picnics, meetings, celebrations, uninvited guests, and invited ones... they were all here at the same time.  I'm still reeling from it. But it was a good time.  It was family and friends living this life we have been given.  And God has supplied me with what I need to handle it.  It took nearly all I had and now resting is all I'm doing.  But it was indeed one of those times when it was worth "it".  I will pay dearly for it, but I am so very thankful for the strength to be able to do this at this time.  Resting in the Lord and relying on Him to help me.  There are times when my body won't allow for such weeks, but this time it did. 

I repeat myself, wander in my musings, and love reading your posts.  I am forgetting everything, asking the same questions over and over and trying to remember that the fog will lift and things will become clearer again. 

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Oh and one possum caught by the dog for good measure!  At least it didn't stink!!

God Bless,


  1. What a great story! I'm sure it will seem hilarious in, oh, about a year or more! :) I'm glad that you were able to enjoy yourself in spite of your uninvited visitors.

  2. Oh, my. I don't even know where to go from there with a comment. The skunks sound (and smelled!) really horrendous, but like Shelli said, maybe you'll all laugh about it waaaaay down the road. It's like one of those children's counting stories--"Then there were FIVE baby skunks." I'm sorry you didn't get any resolution about the bridge. :/ Your whirlwind of guests does sound like it was wonderful, though--so glad you were able to enjoy it!