Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Week of Lots of Info

HI again:)  A friend of a friend  thought she had fibro/CFS for years and years.... longer than me and she's young....

Well just recently the specialists found she has Lyme Disease.  And even more recently the specialists found she has "Common Variable Immune Deficiency".  She is being treated for it and is starting to feel better.  Her sons both have Lyme and the Immune Deficiency condition also.

I've never heard of this.  Have you?  Any info you could share would be appreciated. 



  1. It is new to me Elaine...not heard of it before....

  2. Hi Elaine.... I have been off the map for a long time it seems... such an interesting question you pose here. I had never heard of it but looked it up - wow it has a lot of overlap with Lyme disease and TBDs and again makes one wonder about the potential for mislableing lyme as this or that as lyme. It sounds like it's genetically linked, and that they have a very good and helpful doctor for figuring this out! I'm glad they are starting to feel better... very interesting. I'll try to remember to ask my Dr about this.