Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Day After

Well, my dear husband Rob's surgery went very well.  His heart behaved itself and there were no complications.  His pain is being well controlled with his meds and he is trying really hard to be a good patient.

I am already exhausted, but family is helping and that makes such a difference.  I've been pacing as best as possible and resting when I can.

I've been taking to heart all your good suggestions.  I appreciate them all.

I am so thankful to have found you all.  It gives me hope when there seems to be no end to trials.  I have such great respect for you all and I gather strength from you and your words.

God is so great and so faithful.  I had been having the same dream for weeks that when Rob stood up after surgery that he fell, hit his head, and died from the injury.  Crazy huh?  When he stood up the first time yesterday I almost ran from the room.  But of course he did just fine and all was good.....

Our daughter in law is an RN and works at the same hospital where Rob had his surgery in the same dept. where we were.  She was off yesterday though and sat with us.  She brought her little girl (2) who is so intrigued with all things medical and was watching and taking it all in!  Amazing.  (there was nothing inappropriate for her to see of course).  She's been here to help us with questions and problems a couple of times already:)

I am committed to taking this one step at a time and to ask for help when we need it.  I appreciate your prayers and loving thoughts and do ask for them to continue.  We are just getting started here.

Praying that you are all finding hope and peace in the midst of your days.  Praying also that those of you who are in the deep freeze are safe and can keep warm somehow. 

God Bless and Keep You All,




  1. Lifting you and Rob up in prayer....for his recovery ~ praise God the surgery went well~ and for you to have strength for this task at hand. One step at a day at a time. I feel great comfort in connecting with you too, Elaine. Your faith comes through in what your share and it blesses me. I often wonder about all the trials too, but try to remember that we do not walk alone. God walks with us along with those who love and care about us...His is the ultimate victory...ours is the ultimate eternal life.
    sending gentle hugs...

  2. I'm so glad Rob is doing so well. Thank you God. I will most definitely be lifting him and YOU up in prayer.

    So glad for the update!

  3. Elaine, I'm so glad the surgery went well! I hope Rob has been doing well today and that his recovery goes smoothly. Hang in there. I'll be holding you both in the Light. Hope you find some moments of *soothing* rest over the next few days.