Friday, February 18, 2011

Just for today

My days seem to be running together.  My husband Rob, is doing very well after his surgery.  He is going to Physical Therapy twice a week and making great progress.  We are so very thankful!

Our days are busy though.  I'm doing all the driving and that wears me out:(  At least most of the time its under 10 miles each way.  There are things that Rob can't do for himself, so I am helping him with those. 

My anxiety is through the roof right now.... I tend to worry about things that I really have no need to.  It is something I work on constantly.

I went to my chiropractor today and that always helps me.  I have a couple of places in my neck that get soooo sore.  I think it comes from not being able to relax well. 

He suggested that I start a Magnesium and Malic Acid regime.  Are any of you taking them and have they helped at all?  Please let me know if you have tried it or have any info on it.  Thanks!

I'm still waiting to get the kit for all the blood work that I need done with the blood coagulation defect tests.  I'm feeling impatient:) 

I'm struggling with the fatigue and pain and resting as much as possible.  I'm very thankful that we did all that cooking in advance.  Even reheating is more than I want to do at times.  Our kids have fed us some and that has been really nice.  Cooking is so hard for me.  I have trouble following recipes... can't remember if I've added all the ingredients... sometimes I actually copy it and cross things off as I work..... 

We were supposed to get snow this week, but its just very cold rain.  The hills are beautiful and it cleared last night so I could see the moon for a bit.  It was so pretty.

Hope in the Midst.  Sometimes I forget that God is in control and that He knows all about all of this.  And then a reminder will come along and assure me that He indeed does know and cares.  And my hope is renewed.  I move ahead and I continue to live this life I have and rejoice in it.  He has given me what I need for today.  My job is to stop looking so far ahead.  I need to concentrate on what today is about.  ( I used to be quite the planner)  Now, I only try to make it today.  Try being the key word here.... I am grateful for this day and the blessings it has given me. 

Hope and pray you are all doing well today.  You are such a blessing to me!



  1. Hugs to you! One thing I've tried that helps with cooking -- I only cook when I'm feeling well, and then I triple the recipe and freeze the other two portions. It was wonderful during the move! It helps me have something healthy to eat, even when I'm not feeling well.

    Also, I hope you don't mind if I share something from my personal scripture study with you. Just yesterday, in fact, I read something that seemed to answer the worries that have been hanging over me lately. I blogged about it on my scripture journal blog (yes, I'm a little blog crazy!) here: It's taken from Matthew 6.

  2. I'm always impressed with how resourceful everyone w/ CFS/FM is--copying the recipe is a great idea.

    I've taken magnesium and find it helpful for those constant low-level aches, but I haven't tried it with malic acid.

    Hope you're still enjoying clear skies--they make a huge difference!