Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good news

Finally some good news to go along with everything else... I found out that my INS will cover some testing my specialist wants done.  It's for blood coagulation defects, which could be hereditarily and or illness induced. I will get the testing done as soon as we can make the arrangements.  The samples have to be shipped to a lab out of state.  Hoping and praying that we can rule this in or out once and for all.  My specialist has suspected this for a couple of years, but INS would never cover the tests. 

I tend to not heal well after surgery, bug bites, scratches, etc..... he thinks this is related to the blood coagulation problem.  I have two sisters and they both have chest pain (another symptom of possible defect) like I have "for no good reason".  Our hearts are in good shape!  So.... this would be a huge blessing if we could get it found and treated.  Not just for me, but for both my sisters as well.

I love having good news to share!

God Bless and Keep You All Today,



  1. It will be good to rule in or rule out this blood problem as CFS can cause all of the things you mentioned too!
    I was laying today and your name came up in my mind when I thought about the book, Finding Strength In Weakness by Lyn Vanderzalm. It was written quite a while ago by a Christian woman about how her and her daughter cope with having ME/CFS. It was held close to my heart the first few years I was sick and needed support and inspiration. Since I felt nudged to mention it to you, I will...maybe you already have read it.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks Renee.

    I have not read that book and it sounds like a great one. I will try and get my hands on it.

    Hope you are feeling better:)


  3. Yay for good news! Anything to help, anything to make us feel better. I hope it is helpful to you.