Monday, January 3, 2011

A Sunny Day

Hello on this sunny day.  You might wonder why I make a big deal about it?  Well, here where I live, its rare to have sunshine in January.... especially in a La Nina year... we have had lots of rain and dreary days.  It's been clear and cold (for us) the past few days and it's beautiful.  It was 20 last night and is just above freezing now.

I am watching the birds today.  There must be a hundred or more trying to get to the feeders.  All kinds and colors, shapes and sizes.  They bring me great joy.  We have quail, doves, red winged black birds, woodpeckers, and many, many more.  They are all so amazing to watch.  They each have a personality.  We also have squirrels that frequent the bird feeders.  They sit not five feet from our sliding glass door and eat and watch us:)  Our poor dogs used to go crazy when they were there, but now just sit and watch and drool:)  We knock on the window before letting the dogs out so no one gets hurt!

It is a wonder to see.  Nature offers us so much.  But we need to stop and watch and listen to begin to comprehend what is there.  The sounds, the sights, the beauty is there.  It is a gift for us to behold.  What a blessing.

In many ways it reminds me of my walk with God.  If I'm too busy, or otherwise preoccupied, I miss Him.  I need to stop, look, and listen and then I will hear His voice and see His presence in life.

I was able to go to church yesterday.  It took every ounce of strength I had, but I made it.  And I was so glad.  A little girl in our church (4, I think) responded to the Pastor's call for announcements.  She said "if you have questions" "the church and God" and a variety of other things related to that.  Half our congregation was teary eyed as the child spoke.  Several things shouted out to me.  One, this child of God wasn't afraid to speak to and about Him.  Two, she was embraced by the Pastor who held the microphone for her to talk.  Three, she was embraced by the congregation. Four, God speaks through and to us all.  It was a gift I will hold on to when my illness forces me to stay home and in bed.  

I am not saying that if one doesn't attend church one will not be blessed.   I don't believe that for one instant!  God finds us wherever we might be and sends blessings to us right where we are.  There have been years at a time when I've not been able to attend church.  But God is in my heart just the same.  And I pray He will be in yours too.

I slept all afternoon and rested much of the rest of the time.  I worked a jig saw puzzle on my computer last night.  Today I woke with a killer headache so its been quiet here at home. 

This learning to cope in the midst is hard work.  I am especially trying to focus on changing my thoughts from the "everything that needs done" to the "doing what I can this day".  That alone is helping me a lot right now. I'm choosing to be positive today.  Letting God speak through the beauty of the birds, the blue sky, the crisp air, and the love of family and friends. Enjoying this day, this moment in time, even in the midst of pain and fatigue.  God is so good!

Blessings to you today,




  1. Lovely post Elaine...I love all the birds too. Our neighbor cut down all the lilac bushes to 1 ft high plus 3 trees are are many of the birds. Sad...Would love to have an acre of land to watch nature from! Yet, our view is nice...just not what it was.

  2. I'm so sorry your neighbor cut down the trees!

    I get so much joy and peace watching the birds. Do you feed them? Rob just put out a new batch of food and they are going crazy again:) We are surrounded by farm land, but for the most part, we only see the birds that come into our own little back yard area.

    Praying you will enjoy the birds that are there and that many more will return:)