Friday, January 21, 2011

Yesterday's News

Yesterday was simply a good day.  I had less pain, little brain fog, and more energy than I'd had in a long time.  And last evening, we found out that our youngest son got a job!  He's been out of work for many months he was getting discouraged.  Praying this job will be a good one for him and that things will fall into place for them.  He has a lovely wife and an adorable little boy.  They live the farthest from us so we don't get to see them as often as we would like.  Yes, yesterday was a good day.

Today is a good one too.  I don't have near the energy as yesterday and have more pain, but overall its a good day.  Two of our grandsons are here playing the WII and I love having them in the house.  They are so easy to have around.  And I smile more when they are here.

We have a new squirrel outside today.  A gray one.  Usually we just have the brownish red ones.  It was so cute trying to hang onto the bird feeder and eat.  It must have been really hungry because it ate for over an hour.  Our poor big dog was sitting at the sliding glass door and drooling.... he wants to eat them so badly:)  The birds don't seem to mind the squirrels and we have a feeder for the squirrels, but the birds eat out of it and visa versa.  I love watching the animals.  We have a tiny yard, but it looks over farm land.  On occasion we see deer and coyotes.  There is an occasional bob cat sighting and a few years ago the neighbor saw a bear.  I've never seen one tho. 

I have been working jig saw puzzles on my computer lately and find that quite relaxing.  Rob installed the program for me when we lived in our 5th wheel while working for the recreation company due to lack of room.  It works well here at home too.  No mess for kids and dogs to get into.

I'm also reading more again.  Right now I'm reading Jane Kirkpatrick's "A Land of Sheltered Promise".  If you have not read any of her work, you are missing out:)  She is a tremendous author.  I've met her several times and she came to see my Mom to get some info about a book.  She is such a real person.  She has a web site :

Thanks for letting me share my day with you today.

Blessings and prayers to you,


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  1. Yay for good days! Make sure you pace yourself so you can have more of them. Blessings!